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A Moment With You
Dean Cottrill
It's been a long time coming, but Dean Cottrill's new CD is finally at hand, a rambling document of a checkered career as bluesman, sideman, singer, songwriter, and of course guitarist. He dabbles in jazz - in part the legacy of his student years - and seldom strays from standard tuning, something of an anomaly considering his reputation as a slide player. But the challenges of expressing a broad catalogue of titles on six strings being what they are, Dean resolved the need for some common thread or anchor in part by adhering to standard tuning.Take for example the solo performance of Beiderbecke'sIn A Mist, something of a testament to a relentless search for a definitive style: It has been streamlined, modified and modernized to accomodate the exacting standards of an artist in pursuit of perfection. But this is only one facet of Cottrill's restless temperament. For the most part, he has eeked out a subistance in the abstract environment of cafes and nightclubs from coast to coast, first as sideman bassist or guitarist in country bands and eventually as singer and frontman. Necessity they say is the mother of invention, and in an effort to break the cycle of bar-to-bar existence, Cottrill began putting his own wry observations down on paper and in song.