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Montréal Jazz & Blues
Vic Vogel, Le Jazz Big Band, Dean Cottrill, RJ & the Houndogs, Chiquitin
What does Vic Vogel, Dean Cottrill, RJ & the Houndogs and Chiquitin have in common? For an answer, check out VV Record’s compilation MONTREAL JAZZ & BLUES sampler of released or soon-to-be-released CDs. The disc showcases the talents under the VV umbrella through 74 minutes of blues, jazz and even a tropical teaser from Cuban legend Chiquitin. In a world in which labels try to corner their own niche market by rigidly adhering to one tradition or another, the insurgent VV Record’s approach seems to fly in the face of convention, presenting a grab bag of grooves designed to reach as broad a market as possible. Heading up the roster are 2 selections from musician emeritus of the Montreal scene Vic Vogel, in the company of Le Jazz Big Band. Then, in what has been regarded as something of a radical departure for a jazz album, 4 cuts from Vogel’s Je me souviens...mon piano, featuring of all things a cello quartet in tandem with Vogel’s piano trio, playing titles of Quebec chansonier favourites.